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EventCollab develops easy-to-use, Web-based applications that are focused on Event Project Management and Logistics Tracking. Our event-centric SaaS solutions help you efficiently and securely manage all of your events anytime, anywhere, via the cloud. Tucked into one convenient application, your contacts, data, calendars, schedules, tasks, and more -- will always be right at your fingertips.


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In the event industry, attention to detail is paramount.


EventCollab keeps track of the details, and keeps everyone on the team on the same page -- literally.


EventCollab is available in the Cloud at any time, from any location.


Access your projects in real-time, knowing you have the most up-to-date versions of every file.


Your data is always secure with EventCollab.


Restricted permissions, role settings, and data encryption ensure that only you and those you invite are able to see your information.

You’re event people. So are we.


Four years ago EventCollab's founder, with more than 20 years of event production experience, recognized an opportunity to streamline and improve efficiency in the industry by leveraging the Cloud and mobile devices.  A dedicated software development team has been built around this need and is developing solutions specifically for the event industry.


EventCollab's understanding reaches beyond just a recognition of the need to streamline event management -- we've been in the trenches ourselves and have felt your pain! And now we’re providing and continuing to develop the best solution out there - EventCollab.


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Products & Services

EventCollab uses a variety of technologies to create powerful, yet intuitive solutions for event management. We specialize in responsive design for desktop and mobile apps, and will tailor the perfect custom solution to your needs.



• Showbook •

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EventCollab Showbook is our robust event logistics scheduling and reporting tool. A simple interface that's easy to navigate makes building and managing your Showbook incredibly easy, even for the most complex events. Drag-and-drop features streamline the user experience, letting you organize show details, create custom reports, and make changes quickly and effortlessly.

Here’s why our clients  love EventCollab:

1. It’s easy to use. And we’re not just saying that.

EventCollab allows you to connect everyone involved in your project, across all platforms. You'll have the flexibility to control who can access and edit different aspects of each event, and be able to collaborate in real-time, whether editing a document or strategizing over chat. Simply put: our apps work the way you do.



2. It’s a one-stop event resource.

We've made it easy to manage multiple events by giving each event its own page. Manage everything from tasks and timetables, to travel logistics -- everything you need is right at your fingertips.




3. Keep everyone on the same page.

EventCollab lets your team focus on creating a successful event, rather than struggling to keep everyone on the same version of every list, presentation, spreadsheet, or drawing. Multiple users can now collaborate on one document simultaneously, using integrated Google applications to edit together in real-time. Virtually any file format can be uploaded and categorized. This means no more "email tag," with endless attachments!




4. Update shared calendars in real-time.

Assign, track, manage, and update event tasks and calendars with intuitive, drag-and-drop simplicity. Events and related tasks are color-coded, so you can see what’s coming up at-a-glance, scheduled across multiple projects, and where there’s room in the schedule to make changes. When changes are made, all related entries and pages are updated automatically.



5. YOU control who sees what.

You may not want your clients, employees, and vendors to all see the same information, such as budgets, for example. EventCollab has four tiers of access, which enable you to allocate viewing and editing permissions among team members. This flexibility gives you the ultimate in event-planning control, within a single INTEGRATED application.



6. Rest assured; all is secure.

EventCollab keeps your information completely protected and confidential. Using simple access controls, you decide who can view and edit what information. EventCollab is designed from the ground-up, with comprehensive access and identity management, including secure login, restricted access, and detailed roles and permissions.



• Assign, track, and revise tasks associated with each event.


• View and update task and event calendars.


• Collaborate in real-time on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms and drawings through integrated Google Docs.


• Work with the most recent document versions, preventing duplication and confusion.


• Convert Chats to Discussions.


• Manage all of your events over any Internet-connected device.

• Update and store contact information in one place.

• Manage data accessibility between internal personnel, clients, and vendors with four different levels of permissions.

• Keep data secure with password-protected encryption.

• Immediate team communication with group & private chat functionality.


With EventCollab, you can easily...

What’s next:


* Project Management with Document Sharing

* Time Tracker

* Budget Tracker

* RFQ Builder

* Local Labor Assistant

* Venue Database

* Analytics

* Security with event production roles and permissions

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EventCollab's software is designed for the event industry by event industry professionals to help us all be more efficient... and therefore, more profitable.


Like you, we recognized the need for tools to streamline and elegantly handle event logistics and management...


EventCollab is now providing that solution!


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